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Raw Birth Records To Re-Release METH DRINKER Album

We are happy to announce that Raw Birth Records will re-release the long gone and rare METH DRINKER, LP. Only released in 100 copies in New Zealand by Always Never Fun Records - The record will be out late 2012!!

METH DRINKER is the most violent and vile sounding sludge band to come out since the early days when it all began. Drawing references to bands like Dystopia and Noothgrush, METH DRINKER takes it to a new level of grimness, and have managed to create a depressing and deprevating atmosphere around both their music and their imagery. Their sound is raw, aggressive and crushing. This one is a must have for all fans of pure oldschool sludge.


Available on RBR:

#RBR002 - Bottom Feeder, EP. 300 ex - Retail:5 €. Wholesale 3€: + Shipping http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/bottom-feeder-divine-heritage 

#RBR003 - Patologism, Demo. 100 ex - No Wholesale. Retail: 4€ + Shipping http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/patologism-demo-ep-substances 

#RBR004 - Dead Instrument, Violent Death LP. - Retail: 12€. Wholesale: 7€ + Shipping http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/dead-instrument-violent-death

#RBR005 - Dogmatist, Obedience Demo. 100 ex - No Wholesale. Retail: 4€ + Shipping http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/dogmatist-small-roads