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RAMESSES - new releases and live dates!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Prepare yourself for the latest unholy holocaust to be unleashed by RAMESSES - "The Tomb", featuring 3 brand new tracks of super heavy doom: "The Tomb", "Cult Of Cyclops", and "Omniversal Horror".

"The Tomb" was recorded and mixed by studio legend Billy Anderson (Melvins, Om, Asva, Fantomas, Mr Bungle, High On Fire, Sleep, Porn...the list goes on) during Halloween 2004.


With stunning CD art by Adam Richardson, the disc also includes a previously unreleased 11 minute bonus track entitled "Unholy Outburst ", again, recorded by Billy Anderson but mixed in the Invada studio by Paul Horlick and Stewart Matthews.  This track sees RAMESSES whipping up a totally improvised jam, and fusing early 70's rock with cataclysmic earth moving drone!!!


The 666 limited edition12" picture disc includes the 3 new tracks plus two RAMESSES classics "Witchampton" and "Black Domina", as well as a poster, both designed by cult artist The Gasface.


RAMESSES were formed after Tim Bagshaw (guitar) and Mark Greening (drums) left Electric Wizard and joined forces with Adam Richardson (bass / vocals), to form a more experimental, devastating and horrific form of free heavy doom rock.


Since forming in 2003, RAMESSES have played sold out gigs, and have shared stages with 5ive, Gonga, Art of Burning Water, Taint, Mistress, Atavist, Esoteric, Modey Lemon, Oneida, Unearthly Trance.Soon RAMESSES will be delivering live assaults with:


Debris Inc. 

August 22nd Manchester / Satans Hollow

August 23rd Sheffield / Corporation


OM & The Heads

September 4th London / Underworld


RAMESSES have previously released: two 7" singles, a split CD, and an enhanced CDEP with 2 full length videos. "The Tomb CD" and 12 Inch are available NOW on Ramesses web site: