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Public Guilt News: DARSOMBRA / WINO Tour And Much More

Howdy! Summer is winding down and Public Guilt is waking up from a three month nap. We prefer to hibernate in the summer to avoid the heat. Lots to report as we look towards what will surely be a beautiful Autumn:

- DARSOMBRA six week Euro/UK tour with WINO!!

- Killer AUN article!

- ALA MUERTE and DARSOMBRA to contribute music to the upcoming 'Hit and Stay' documentary.

- Upcoming releases for Autumn 2010!

- A few new additions to the Public Guilt mailorder.

DARSOMBRA September/October Euro/UK Tour with WINO and CONNY OCHS(PLUS the debut of PREMONITION, a new Scott 'WINO' Weinrich fronted band featuring Brian from DARSOMBRA! )

DARSOMBRA will be touring as direct support for WINO for 6 weeks. WINO will be performing solo, acoustic sets. Dates are scheduled for France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK. In addition to this, WINO will be debuting his new band PREMONITION on select dates during the first two weeks of this tour. Brian of DARSOMBRA will be playing bass for PREMONITION. DARSOMBRA is also doing two warm up shows in Baltimore. All dates are posted on the PG site as well as on the DARSOMBRA website and, of course here at Cosmic Lava.


Awesome AUN article!

This recent article covers the last four AUN releases (including their split LP with Habsyll on PG!) Check it out here... www.tokafi.com/news/aun-motorsleep-ultica-habsyll-split-vii/ 

'Hit and Stay' documentary

ALA MUERTE and DARSOMBRA will both be contributing music to a new documentary in the works. 'Hit and Stay' is a feature-length documentary (in-production) about the antiwar movement. It takes an in-depth look at the Vietnam War era activists who attacked the Selective Service system and attempted to throw a wrench into the U.S. war machine. For more info and to watch some excerpts (that features music from ALA MUERTE) please visit their site... www.hitandstay.com 

Upcoming releases from Public Guilt Autumn/Winter

2010 will see PG releasing the awesome ZU remix 7" which features remixes from James Plotkin and Phantomsmasher, The long-awaited Psychic Paramount 7", a limited t-shirt/poster/dropcard package from Korperschwache and the mysterious and super-limited 'Flesh Box' release from Magicicada! Release dates will be announced soon!

Mailorder new Additions

Aun - Utica 7" (German Import)

Korperschwache - Black Dust CDr (UK Import)

Microkingdom - Pro Hour LP Salt Magazine #9 (UK import)


Fuck the heat, bring on the dying leaves! J.R. / Public Guilt