PROCESSION Cancel European Shows

From guitarist/vocalist Felipe Plaza: Time for a report, couldn´t spend too much time in the PC actually. But it's time to clear up some facts and shut some mouths: Some of you might already now, but I'm really sad to announce that we had to cancel our gigs with Saint Vitus at the Hammer Of Doom Festival and also in Netherlands this February. My BIGGEST apologies to Oliver and Felix. Thanks for trusting and supporting us! The main reasons.... I couldn't confirm a flight ticket before March (it's fucking summer/vacation time here), and because I'm working on some papers for staying a little bit longer in Europe the next time, which would not be in my hands on time either. Fuck it's a pity to have to cancel those 2 gigs, the venue, the vibe, the bands, friends...everything seemed perfect but shit happens...

I will also take the chance to thank Geert Van Mook and Uno Bruniusson who were 100% compromised with being support musician in those gigs...good to count on you! In some other recent news, some "trust and interest" matters have forced us to change line up for better.

So I officially introduce you PROCESSION 2010:

Claudio Botarro - bass (a good old friend and metalmaniac, who's the mind behind Capilla Ardiente)

Luis Moya - drums (some of you already know him, who did a perfect job on our "Disease Over Europe" Tour 2009)

We changed reh. room and it feels like the best new start ever, we have been recording some demo tracks of 'Tomb Of Doom' and 'Destroyers Of The Faith'. You gotta know that this is gonna be released by our new label in August 2010. We'll see how it goes with uploading some samples soon...This guarantees that the next time we see each other will be with some new doom metal offerings, melodies of darkness and gloom! In the other hand, we've been confirmed for Long Live Metal Festival 4 (Belgium - May 2010) where we'll be sharing stage (and worshipping) the mighty Pagan Altar...see you there!