POOBAH's 'Let Me In' Tops Rolling Stone Year End List

As 2010 came roaring to an end, POOBAH’s 'Let Me In', released on Oct. 12th found itself at the top of many Year End Lists, being hailed as a Re-Issue of the Year by David Fricke, Senior Writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, Pat Prince of Goldmine Magazine, Ray Van Horn, Jr. of The Metal Minute/Retaliate Magazine, and even going as far as being called “album of the decade” by Ray Dorsey of Ray’s Realm!

So, congratulations go out to Jim Gustafson for creating a piece of music with the vitality and staying power that 'Let Me In' has, as well as a big round of applause to T. Dallas Reed (Stone Axe / Mos Generator)for his countless hours of blowing off the sonic dust from the original 1972 analog tapes, and graphic designer Vic Jong for laboriously toiling over the details of the packaging reproduction in an effort to retain the visual feel of the original LP!

Here are a few more words to carry us into 2011:

“Between Jim Gustafson’s primal vocals to his gut wrenching licks on his Les Paul . . . they should have been huge, Black Sabbath Huge, because they were on par as far as sound and attack but it was not to be." -- Metal Exiles

"One of the highlights of the year! Let Me In is an album deserving of any status this reissue can give it, be it “classic” or otherwise.” – The Obelisk

“On the basis of Let Me In, Poobah is more than just a shaggy curiosity from the Me Decade – it’s a band worth discovering for fans not satisfied with endless Grand Funk retreads on classic rock radio." -- Sleazegrinder

Catch POOBAH on the road throughout the winter of 2011! Here are all confirmed dates.