Phil Swanson Reunites with HOUR OF 13

HOUR OF 13 have returned to its former glory and reformed again as the original duo of Chad Davis and Phil Swanson. After a brief seperation Phil Swanson has returned to the fold and have completed their new CD 'The Ritualist' with 8 new songs that are already contracted to be released in early 2010 by Eyes Like Snow (Germany; a division of Northern Silence Productions).

"We at Eyes Like Snow are honoured to announce that one of America's most highly regarded Doom Metal acts in recent history has agreed to release their upcoming albums through our label. The much anticipated second full length of HOUR OF 13 - 'The Ritualist' - will be released in Feb/Mar 2010 on both CD and LP." - 11/26-09 - Torsten Suess / Northern Silence - ELS

After a very controversial debut that included a very public falling out from their previous label and thereafter Phil Swanson's untimely and unelated departure from the band, Hour of 13 have gone through many difficult tribulations in its short life span but without missing a beat the original line up is back in full swing with their second full length album, 'The Ritualist'.

'The Ritualist' is a shocking downward spiral into the occult that continues the concepts developed on the debuts notorius track 'Missing Girl', taking the listener into a world of satanic ritual abuse and mind control brought on by the specualtion and hysteria of satanic panic as seen through the mind of Phil Swanson and layered with the truely dark and atmospheric musical tones and score of one Chad Davis.

HOUR OF 13 - 'The Ritualist'

01 - The Gathering

02 - The Ritualists

03 - Naked Star

04 - Demons All Around Me

05 - Evil Inside

06 - Soldier of Satan

07 - Possession

08 - The Crawlspace

Coming February/March 2010 on Eyes Like Snow. Available on CD and LP. More merch to be announced.