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PENANCE-vocalist Brian Balich send over the lastest news:

Just wanted to drop a few quick notes about what is going on in the Penance camp these days....

For starters we have begun writing for the follow-up to "Spiritualnatural". So far some very cool riffs and ideas have come in so we'll see what transpires going from riffs and song skeletons to the fully fleshed out versions. I know we're all excited to be creative and try some new things not only in what we write but how we write as well.  A few tentative song titles include "To Sleep With Anger", "Man of Sorrows", and "Lives Long Past".


Also wanted to mention a few upcoming gigs - we'll be appearing at the 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh, PA  on August 14th with our amigos in Submachine and Orodruin. We're also scheduled to play at SHOD 6 which we are all very psyched about.

We play on September 5th (Sunday).  We hope to have our web-site updated soon with up to date news, pics and stories from our European tour and some new merch items.