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The PARADIGMS RECORDINGS LABEL is launched on January 1st 2006 with new releases from AMBER ASYLUM and HJARNIDAUDI.

Each release is specially packaged, strictly limited to 750 and only available via online mailorder from www.paradigms-recordings.com


PARADIGMS >> A new imprint unearthing the esoteric, celestial and melancholic.

Taking an experimental blueprint along paths untrodden, PARADIGMS pioneers the purest elements of music's darkest parameters, encompassing doomed drone, blackened chamber music, astral evokations, mystic folk, kosmische musik experimentations and black metal isolationism.



San Francisco's AMBER ASYLUM return with their first new recordings in nearly five years . Five dark, brooding chamber works of misanthropic resonance and chilling emotional beauty. A blackened neo-classical masterpiece following their previous recordings on Relapse and Neurot as well as their acclaimed collaborations with Neurosis, Swans and Jarboe amongst others. Just under half an hour of new recordings, featuring the bonus soundtrack recording, "Serenade".


From the ashes of dark ambient doom pioneers Hlidolf comes Norway's HJARNIDAUDI. The debut release "Pain:Noise:March". Forty two minutes of thundering drone reverberations, propelled into endless voids by layers of warm, suffocating astral funeral doom. Colossal, epic, mind-altering power.

{Points of reference : Klaus Schulze, suffocating funeral doom, Jesu, Esoteric.}

An exclusive t-shirt design from AMBER ASYLUM and also a Paradigms label shirt are both also available now athrough Paradigms.

Online store, MP3s etc at www.paradigms-recordings.com

Paradigms on MYSPACE at : http://www.myspace.com/paradigmsrecordings