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Out next week: THE SETTING SON - 'Spring of Hate LP/CD/Download

THE SETTING SON are now ready to release the follow up to their self-titled debut album which was released two years ago. The album is called 'Spring of Hate' and will be released 20.04.09.

The sound on 'Spring of Hate' is quite different compared to the debut album. Main songwriter Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen has obviously grown older and found a steady group of band mates that makes 'Spring Of Hate' sound more like the work of a band than Sebastian with a hired backing band as was the case when the first album was recorded.

The songwriting of Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen has become more varied this time. 'Soulmate', the first single from the album, is a catchy song with an amazing chorus that goes straight to the brain as the perfect blend of psychedelic pop and garage rock. 'Girl of Sorrow' showcases the melancholic side of the band while 'I Lost Control' is desperate and angst-ridden.

The references to garage rock from the 60's, psychedelic pop and surf are clear but it seems that THE SETTING SON have their own take on neo-psych anno 2009. The strange but addictive vocals of Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen just underline that fact. 'Spring of Hate' is produced by Lorenzo Woodrose in Black Tornado and is mixed by Johan Gellett at Studio 73.


Title: Spring of Hate

Cataloug #: AFROCD036 (CD) / AFROLP036 (LP)

Barcode: 570 949 820 7254 (CD) / 570 949 820 7247 (LP)

Band: myspace.com/thesettingson

Label: Bad Afro Records

Release: 20.04.09

Not available for export to the US and UK

Bad Afro Records

Studiestraede 24, 2. sal

1455 Copenhagen K