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OGRE's Farewell

Here are the details on the OGRE 10th anniversary/final gig, which will take place at Geno's in Portland, ME on Saturday September 12th. OGRE will play three full sets w/ lots of surprises, so if you are from the general area (Boston folk, I'm talking to you), we hope you can make the trek out to Portland. It's gonna be a whole lotta fun.

Set One - 9:30 - "Plague of the Planet" in its entirety - A multi-media performance featuring new artwork by OGRE drummer Will Broadbent

Set Two - 10:30 - Guests and Tributes - A set of cover songs featuring several guests, including members of Ocean, Swamp Witch Revival, Big Meat Hammer, Blood Farmers, and others.

Set Three - 11:30 - An extra long set of OGRE classics including one or two songs never before performed live. Also, between each set, there will be a screening of a two-part OGRE retrospective film made by Peri Broadbent (Will's wife and former member of Hatchetface and the Vipers).

For more info, check out the OGRE MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/ogre

Hope to see some of you there!