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OGRE is working on their new album

Portland, Maine's OGRE has announced that it is heading into the studio in early December to record its third album. This will be the band's second release on Leaf Hound Records (Japan), following 2007's acclaimed Seven Hells. As yet untitled, the album will consist of a single, 35 minute multi-part epic suite, which the band describes as its answer to that age-old question, posed by no one yet pondered by all: "What if Black Sabbath had recorded 2112?"

Considering that the band recently released its shortest song (a one-minute track entitled "The Centurion" and available on the vinyl-only 7" compilation, Short Songs for Long Fellows), this new album should prove to be yet another interesting chapter in the band's history.

Lyrically, the band promises a concept that addresses the past, present, and future of our troubled society, while incorporating many characters from earlier OGRE songs, including, of course, plenty of giant robots from outer space. The album will be recorded with engineer Marc Bartholomew at Portland's Acadia Recording Company (Ocean, Conifer) and is slated for release in March 2008, coinciding with OGRE's first trip overseas: a tour of Japan with Church of Misery and recently reformed NYC doom pioneers Blood Farmers.