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Nothing Is Happening At Bad Afro Records

If you feel like that nothing is happening on Bad Afro at the moment you are absolutely right! The fact is that all the planned 7"s are delayed at once for various reasons so all planning has gone down the drain. The Vambourines 7" has been delayed since the band (nor the label involved) really liked the mixes that Mike McHugh did and now they are re-recoding some parts of the songs as well as mixing them by themselves. 

Royal Baths recently signed to the US label Kanine (Grizzly Bear, Surfer Blood etc.) and relocated to New York at the same time so they have to find their own feet before recording the announced 7" on Bad Afro. The Cosmonauts 7" is just late in general and The Dolly Rocker Movement will record their upcoming 7" here in December to be released some time in the spring. Which leaves us with the Baby Woodrose album 'Third Eye Surgery' due out in April 2012 and the above singles when they are ready. Stay tuned!