Nihilism, nothingness, emptiness and nonsense - TFD news 02/05

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New songs, new releases and more madness from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION!

--- An official TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION cd has been released by Bones Brigade records: ALL TFD recordings and demos, plus an entire live set,  have been re-mastered by Scott "Fucking" Hull (Pig Destroyer) at Visceral Sound and compiled as "Total Fucking Destruction's Compact Disc Version 1.0".  Full color artwork by Orion "Destruction" Landau:  TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION's Compact Disc Version 1.0 can be found at: or or


--- Distros, traders, stores, reviewers: please contact the bones brigade label at BonesBrigN[at]


--- A rough mix of a new TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION song, "Warfinger" appears on the "Dennis the Menace Buttflaps" (compilation CD-R) alongside tracks from GG ALLIN, JAD FAIR, ,HARVEY SID FISHER, BELVEDERE MIDDLE SCHOOL ADVANCED CHOIR, MURDER JUNKIES W/JEFF CLAYTON and many more. Get more info from the 777 was 666 label by visiting or sending an email to hitmebst[at] Cover art by MIKE DIANA.


--- Thanx to everyone and Eli at the Delta Sig House in North Philadelphia, and also: homewrecker, Affirmative Action Jackson and Rumplestiltskingrinder, hell yeah!  If you live in the Philadelphia area and would like to subscribe to an electronic newsletter that features the local scene and events, please send an email with the subject "yo adrian!" to rich666[at]


--- Special thanx goes out from TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION to all who took part in the Grind Over UK 4 tour:  Pig Destroyer, Halo, Narcosis, Terrorizer magazine, Mean Fiddler Entertainment, Relapse Records, Blake, Greg, Dan, James and all the freaks who came out to party.


--- The new TFD cd, any other TFD releases or shirts still existing and various releases by Cripples Bastards, No Rest for the Dead, and Ninefinger from the Deaf American Recordings label are available by visiting


--- New tunes from a recording session at Mick's House of Sound are currently being mixed by Scott Hull and include a Terrorizer cover and 8 new songs.


--- Last night I dreamt we destroyed the world.


--- New releases coming soon on Deaf American Recordings cd-r series include Better Living's long lost 1983 "Lost Children" demo, Sun Ra and his Arkestra live at the CECenter in 1992, the Caveman demo, Brutal Truth's "bootlegged for drug money" bootleg.


--- PEACEMAKER is transformational harsh noise/power electronics.


--- TFD is always looking for interesting and unusual opportunities for live performances.


total fucking destruction listens to the awesome new band, september 12th:

total fucking destruction wears blackballed street wear:

for more info on the japanese bushi-core band D-river, visit: