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Nick Oliveri Set To Release 'Death Acoustic'

Impedance Records are pleased to announce the release of Nick Oliveri 'Death Acoustic' for worldwide release on October 6, 2009.

You may know him as the long haired bass player on the early Kyuss albums or as the mysterious Rex Everything in the Dwarves. Others will know him as one of the creative partners behind Queens Of The Stone Ageand more recently the screaming front man of Mondo Generator. He is of course, Nick Oliveri... A man that should need no introduction to rock fans across the world. Starting his musical career as a teenager with some friends from Palm Desert, California, Oliveri played bass and wrote a number of songs on the first two albums of desert rock pioneers Kyuss. The band would go on to establish them as a cult band worldwide and ensure high interest in all the members' future projects. One of those projects became Oliveri's most successful commercial venture; it was of course Queens Of The Stone Age.

Alongside song writing partner Josh Homme, Oliveri played on and co-wrote the bands two most critically acclaimed and successful albums "Rated R" and "Songs For The Deaf". After a split with the band in 2004, he focused his energies on his own band Mondo Generator, while also being a part time member of the Dwarves and playing bass in the very occasional band Moistboyz alongside members of Ween and Butthole Surfers. He has also been a guest both live and on record of Norwegian legends Turbonegro and soon enough, he will also be a featured guest on the forthcoming solo album of Slash. Throughout his career delivering audiences wild and loud rock shows with the aforementioned bands, Oliveri has found time to play intimate, solo acoustic shows. Just him and his guitar, blending songs he has written for the bands he has played in, specifically written songs for the solo shows, and well chosen covers.

In this format he has further showcased what a great songwriter and musician he is. "Death Acoustic" is the result of these efforts; Oliveri spent the last twelve months in his home studio recording tracks for his solo album. In October it is unleashed with touring to back it up across the world over the last few months of this year and into next year.

Track Listing:Start a Fight, Like the Sky, Dairy Queen, Gonna Leave You, Love Has Passed Me By, U Blow, Hybrid Moments, Unless I Can Kill, Follow Me, Outlaw Scumfuc Web.