Newsflash from Public Guilt

Happy new years to all!

ZU - PHANTOMSMASHER / James Plotkin remix 7" pre-order happening now!

The ZU - PHANTOMSMASHER / James Plotkin remix 7" is now up for pre-order. These are limited to 500 copies and are available in two vinyl colors, grey and clear with a grey haze. These will ship on or before January 18th. A digital download card is included with the 7".  /

MAGICICADA - 'Other' (limited box set) pre-order happening now!

The MAGICICADA 'Other' box is available for pre-order as well. Due to the delicate nature of the physical release, these will ship directly from MAGICICADA. This box is limited to 13 copies. Check out the release page for some pics and more info on this killer release.  / 

DARSOMBRA US tour dates

DARSOMBRA will be embarking on an 11 day US tour of the southern US in February. Dates will be included shows with Wino, Scott Kelly, and Jucifer. Get off your lazy, broke ass and go see this shit. Dates can be found on the shows page on the PG website. New dates are also posted for Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat, Aun, and Aluk Todolo. 

Stephen Kasner needs your help

Our dear friend and amazing artist, Stephen Kasner, has racked up some medical bills and like most artists, he is uninsured. Please visit the Invisible Oranges site for more details and to find out ways to donate. 

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Let’s have a toast to the jerkoffs,

J.R. / Public Guilt