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Newsflash from Crusher Records

SPIDERS are soon to be recording a new 7-inch record for De:Nihil Records. The planning of SPIDERS debut album is in progress. Halleluja Booking Agency teamed up with SPIDERS a short while ago and will be taking care of the bands’ gigs. Contact: erik (at) hluja (dot) se

HORISONT recently signed a record deal with UK label Rise Above Records. We wish them the best of luck with their music and future releases.

THE MAHARAJAS was featured in the latest issue of UK magazine Shinding!. Hope you’ve had the chance reading it, otherwise you can still order it from the Shinding! website.

Also, three of our bands were featured in the latest issue of Swedish magazine Close-up. Thanks a lot :)

We have posted new material on our YouTube channel, SPIDERS and THE MAHARAJAS amongst others. Please, feel free to join us: www.youtube.com/crusherrecords 

Kind regards, Peter Carlsson