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News from Rock Saviour Records: THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER and more

MIDNIGHT RIDER have almost finished writing new songs for the first full length album. The debut 3-track MLP/ Maxi (500 copies, heavy Vinyl) is sold out now. Songwriter Blumi created new songs which will be in a total 70s JUDAS PRIEST/BLACK SABBATH/UFO style. Wait and hear!

THE HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER are writing new songs for future release. Once again, Joe Hasselvander will show the world what real HEAVINESS is all about. Talking about Joe Hasselvander:

German/ European Maniacs should look forward to seeing Joe's old band DEATH ROW (pre-PENTAGRAM) for the first time LIVE in Germany (17th October, Hammer of Doom festival). The line up will be Victor Griffin (now PLACE OF SKULLS), Marty Swaney and Joe Hasselvander. Don't miss to catch the band live!!!

GUNSLINGER's debut album is still available on LP (Heavy Vinyl, 500 copies). The band is preparing a tour through the USA, so all you American Headbangers should be ready when GUNSLINGER will come to your town to lay your city into ashes with Alan Davey's (Ex-Hawkwind) earthshaking Rickenbacker bass-power.

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