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News from HYPNOS 69!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Belgium HYPNOS 69 have some interesting news for you. Check out what they've got to say:

Hi there!


News from the psychedelic meadows of the mind!


The release of our third cd "The Intrigue of Perception" is a fact! 9 brand new songs and in our opinion the best we've accomplished until now! More info on the cd can be found on the website (www.hypnos69.tk) or here.


Also released on Elektrohasch is a Hypnos 69/Colour Haze split 10"EP. The Hypnos 69-side contains 2 new tracks: "When Fire makes you dance" and "Skating on Thin Ice"; both recorded in july 2003. Limited to 1000 copies so don't hesitate to get yours soon!


A new cd means also a new website. Check it out at www.hypnos69.tk. Some new features: new MP3s from the "Intrigue..."-cd, 2 brand new UNRELEASED Hypnos 69-tracks will be added in the near future, new pictures, all new lay out, ... thanx a lot to Bart! Any comments/suggestions on the site and the new cd can be put on the Hypnos 69-forum.


Also long awaited, but finally available: the very first Hypnos 69-video-version of "Vertigo" from the "Promise of a New Moon"-album! Will be added to the website somewhere next month. Thanx to Remko "last but not least" Nijsten!


The site will be updated regularly, check it out for more reviews, articles, tourdates and more.


Hypnos trivia & pictures can be found at intinet www.intinet.tk


Check out ORANGEFACTORY for more interesting music-events and ELEKTROHASCH for more interesting bands.