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New ULTRALORD album plus news from KING TRAVOLTA!

Corey Bings, one of the busiest musicians around, is proud to announce the following news:

The new ULTRALORD album titled "We Hate You and Hope You Die" is being pressed and will be comming out on This Dark Reign/Devildoll Records in Jan 2006!


KING TRAVOLTA news – ok, this was recorded in Virginia with Vince Burke and the rest was recorded in Ohio with Carl Holt and Rob Stevens. I have a bunch of friends who are contributing their vokills for this release, titled "Kill Fuck Metal". It is being released on Heretic.


The very talented artist known as Germ? supplied bass rumblings as well as banjo for this release. Also appearing are Vince Burke, CT from Rwake and Scott from Hope and Suicide, Brian from Meatjack, Rob from 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack, Mike from Bongzilla, Jamie from Boulder, Erik Larson, Ben Hogg from Beaten Back to Pure, Charlie from Mugwart, T-Roy from Sourvein, and Mike Duncan from Black Mayonaise. It is a great bunch of guys just going for it, having a fucking fun time with shit. This will be released around April of 2006.