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New thunderous releases from CRUCIAL BLAST!

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Maryland's outstanding record-label CRUCIAL BLAST will release a new album from THE MASS and SUZUKITON's debut as well as the re-release of TOTIMOSHI's "¿Mysterioso?". Be also prepared for upcoming tours from all three groups.


THE MASS "Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness" Album Coming In September 

Crucial Blast will release the 2nd full length album from Oakland, California's THE MASS on September 13th, 2005, entitled "Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness". Crucial Blast will release the album for North America. The European version will be released through Monotreme Records in the UK.


The 2nd album from Oakland California's THE MASS further refines the band's unique brand of malevolent indie-thrash, oozing a crawling heaviness not apparent on earlier releases. Crushing, epic, and melodic...moving beyond the hyperkinetic seizures of the band's 2003 debut full length "City Of Dis" (released in North America by Crucial Blast in early 2005), here THE MASS whip out blazing, staccato riffs and multifaceted vocal attacks that knife through complex structures and sludgy, epic elegies, as wicked saxophone melodies interweave with angular crunch and creepy nocturnal post-rock. Like a stuttering, bat-winged Bay Area thrash metal outfit arming itself with Louisville/Chicago schooled math-thug asymmetry, pounding dirges, and fierce,evocative mutant jazz flourishes while lobbing some whopping bonged-out grooves. THE MASS continues to evolve its cryptic heaviosity.  


"We went for a heavier, more epic vibe this time..." commented drummer Tyler Cox. "We came up with a dirgy record with more melody, girth and headbanging appeal.  I think we also found a greater songwriting approach in that we spent more time thinking of the songs as stories with beginnings, middles, and ends." 


THE MASS will tour the United States in September 2005 in support of "Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness".




TOTIMOSHI sophomore album '¿Mysterioso?' to be re-issued in North America, announce US tour 

Crucial Blast will re-issue the second full length album from Oakland, California psych-fuzz sludge rockers Totimoshi on August 9th. TOTIMOSHI was formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Tony Aguilar and bassist Meg Castellanos in November 1997. The band has toured constantly throughout the United States, and have built a strong, loyal following for their innovative and heavy underground rock assault. 


Hailing from Oakland, California, TOTIMOSHI has three releases under their collective belt: 1999's self-titled, self-released debut CD, their sophomore full length '¿Mysterioso?' (Crucial Blast, 2002), and 'Monoli' (This Dark Reign, 2003). They have worked with acclaimed producers Billy Anderson (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Sleep, Neurosis) and Alex Newport (At the Drive In, Melvins), respectively. The past few years has found TOTIMOSHI and their releases on various year's best Top 10 lists, and in May 2003 was chosen as "Best Rock Band" in California's East Bay Express. Appearances at Emissions From The Monolith and Stoner Hands of Doom Festivals have further solidified their place in the contemporary heavy rock scene, which has culminated in supporting the likes of Helmet, Melvins, and High On Fire on tour in 2004.


Crucial Blast will re-issue the band's 2002 full length, '¿Mysterioso?', as a special enhanced CD on August 9th, 2005, and will include an exclusive video for "Cellophane", directed by Lyn Gaza, a tour video featuring new music from the band, and all-new artwork and package design.


'¿Mysterioso?' intersects earthquake-heavy rock and wicked sludge riffage with the wiry hooks and dynamics of 80's post-punk / new wave, Spanish melodies, and an adventurous, occasionally improvisational fuzz attack. It's like someone gave an old Beggars Banquet band a cocktail of steroids, huge amps, and battered copies of Melvins' Stoner Witch and Mainliner's Mellow Out. Heavy, crunchy, catchy,hypnotic - '¿Mysterioso?' winds, grinds, and explodes every step of the way. TOTIMOSHI will tour the United States in August-September 2005 in support of '¿Mysterioso?', and will make their first-ever Canadian appearance in Toronto, Ontario on August 28th. For upcoming tour-dates go here!




SUZUKITON's Service Repair Handbook is out in stores across the country today

You can also order Service Repair Handbook through Crucial Blast ::HERE::. You'll also find a free MP3 of their total chugfest Meatal at that link.

Service Repair Handbook is an instrumental crunch juggernaut, featuring 13 tracks of complex, rocking riff bliss acting as RVA's response to The Fucking Champs and Pelican. The CD is available in stores July 12th. SUZUKITON will be hitting the road in August for a three week tour in support of Service Repair Handbook. Dates are posted on the US-tours page. These guys are devastating...Check out some tracks from the upcoming releases: http://crucialblast.net/upcoming.html