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New SPANCER split-release and more!

Yes, it's been quite some time, but SPANCER are still around and here we go with some news again. Check out what the band has to say:

York is back from China so we'll be active on a pretty regular basis again (for our standards). Our friend Tobi from local fellows DUALITY OF MAN (if you like Neurosis you cannot dislike DOM...which does not mean they sound the same, silly!) joined in on drums for a couple of rehearsals while Jan played guitar during that year, but there have been no gigs, just a bit of songwriting. Now it's the way it used to be again and we'll start right away with a couple of gigs.


Sadly, the AUTUMN OF DOOM fest has been cancelled. We hope there'll be onenext year...with us! :-) So we got the following dates confirmed:


23.09. at the Nexus in Braunschweig...with VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED, WELL OF SOULS and JOHNSTON.

24.09. in Zschopau (near Chemnitz)...with VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED and ...damn, I don't know, name of the club neither.

01.10. at the Sackfabrik in Magdeburg...with DUST, WEED IN THE HEAD and



The weekend 23rd/24th of September is meant to celebrate and support our next release! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after 3 decades we come up with a new release...or at least half of it. It's a split-lp with VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED, our doom - fellows from Bavaria...oops, sorry, Nurnberg is only part of political Bavaria of course, only Stoiber, but no leather-pants !


The lp is to be released by THE SKULL, limited to something like 333 and features three songs, 2 by the Bazis and 1 by us. A new and much improved version of our initial doom offering "Me and my sword", 23:56 minutes in length.We also got three other songs (40 minutes) recorded. They still need to be mixed and mastered though and then we'll have to find a label. So hopefully this one will be released before the next decade...


Our website didn't experience too many updates recently, but we'll try to make it more regularly and improve the layout as well. Til something like March 2006 there won't be a lot of gigs to follow as Kaptain will be bloody busy with his final exams...the third of us to join the world of regular work then.


We hope to play a few gigs then with DUALITY OF MAN and TEPHRA, but these are just plans we talked about over some beers, nothing to be confirmed yet. We also want to work out some tour for Central Europe something like September of next year and maybe a trip to Iceland as well...but you know, it's the old story:"Hey dude, we should tour the moon!" - "Yeah, that's great, pal, and next year mars and pluto!"


We'll start writing songs for a new album now...to be released when your grand children are born...That's it for now from us Thanx for interest and support, long live the slow!




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