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New SOLITUDE AETURNUS song is online!

From John Perez:

"Here's a demo version of a new song from us - "Sightless"


It's just a demo but sounds pretty good for the most part. A nice mid/up tempo headbanger with classic doom chorus! Just a taster of what to expect on the new album. Please bear in mind this is not the actual album recording - only a demo version."


"Our apologies to everyone yet once again for another delay in getting this recording for "Alone" started. We are more than ready but we're having to deal with some red-tape legal paperwork before we can start. It's not something we have control over unfortunately. Before we can get the necessary money to start recording we must first have these blasted forms/paperwork filled out for Massacre. Without going into every sordid and boring detail, let's just say that something went wrong with the necessary forms and we're having to go through the process again, which takes about 4 weeks to complete. So - our plan (assuming all goes well!) is to start the recording process in mid January. Believe me, we're dying to get this album DONE! The material is stronger than ever and I personally cannot wait to sit around and listen to the album in the comfort of my own home while drinking some powerful british ale, partaking of sacred herb and letting the fists bang the air in a rage of doom metal madness! Yes!! Patience is wearing thin. I'm sure as bold as this will sound - the wait will be worth it.

In nomine heavynay

John Perez/Solitude Aeturnus