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Here's an overview from this brandnew Italian label about the first 3 releases about to hit the streets, with a taste of each band...


SMALL JACKETS - “PLAY AT HIGH LEVEL” (GOD001) - Released through GO DOWN RECORDS on November 8th, 2004


So you're in the frozen food section of your local supermarket playing air

guitar and singing at the top of your lungs. Or you're on a mission to find

every mirror/window/reflective surface in your house just so you can strike your finest Mick Jagger pose. Or you feel like you're inside the lost soundtrack to Detroit Rock City, scamming your way to that Kiss concert and you don't care who is watching you.



This is the effect the Small Jackets will have on you with their super-addictive

debut, “Play at High Level” - a hi-octane mix of rock’n’roll, ragged soul and

hell-for-leather riffing. Think Iggy raw, think AC/DC loud, think pure,

uncompromising guitar mayhem hotwired to explode, think the amped-up party of the summer is here.



No strangers to the Italian rock scene, the Small Jackets formed in early 2000

when drummers Danny Savanas (Paul Chain) and Lu Silver (Thee Hairy Fairies) joined forces with guitarist David Piatto (N.O.I.A/Rebels Without a Cause) and bassist Nick Pucci. With two drummers and no singer, the resourceful (and multi-skilled) Lu downed sticks to become the singer and rhythm guitarist and the band was born.



After building a reputation for incendiary live performances in Italy, the band

came to the attention of the newly formed Go Down records in 2003, who saw them as the perfect act to launch the label. They began work on “Play at High Level”, when midway through recording, personal circumstances forced bassist Nick to quit, leaving the sessions to be completed by new recruit Rob Nobody (Sartana).



“Play at High Level” is nine tracks of bullet proof song writing - from the

supercharged accelerator “Extra Miles”, to the dirty swagger of “Jones Coming to Town”, to the instant hook of “Tell Me Baby”, this is the true spirit of rock’n’ roll, delivered straight from the heart, with no time for shallow trends or fickle scensters.



The Small Jackets have been playing extensively in Italy, opening for Hardcore Superstar, Dollhouse, STP and label mates OJM, while they were recently united onstage with Nicke and Robban from kings of Scandinavian rock’n’roll, The Hellacopters. The pair were in Italy for some DJ sets, and joined the band to play "Gimme Shelter" with them -guess you could say they got a “Royale” seal of approval!


Grab those mirrored shades and play at the HIGHEST level!


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OJM - "THE LIGHT ALBUM" (GOD002) - Released through GO DOWN RECORDS on November 8th, 2004


Get ready to shake, rattle ‘n’ roll, folks as the new album from Italy's premier

psych rockers, OJM is guaranteed to get you moving to the groove! They've called it “The Light Album”, but don't think that means lightweight - ohhhh no. This is an aurora borealis whiteout of supercharged garage sounds that grab you by the collar and leave you face down panting on the ground.



“The Light Album” is OJM's third recording and their first for Go Down Records.

Recorded at the band's own analog studio, Inside Out, the album marks a

significant change in the band's stoner rock sound of old, as their trademark,

dirgey Sabbath riffs have given way for a riotous, more upbeat sound reminiscent of a more scuzzed-out 'Stones or MC5.



OJM are David Martin (Vocals), Max Ear (Drums), Majomat Bordin

(Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Frank Puglie (Guitar/Organ). The band formed in Treviso, northern Italy in 1997 and since then have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, both inside and outside of their homeland. Their debut “Extended Play” was released in 2001 (Agitato), and was followed by  “Heavy” (produced by seminal underground icon Paul Chain) in 2002 (Beard of Stars).



“Heavy” also included a cover of The Stooges classic “T.V Eye” track, and the

promo clip for single “The Sleeper” was shown on specialist music channels MTV, RockTV, ReteA. Thanks to an international distribution deal, the band received interest from foreign press with over 100 reviews in magazines and webzines such as Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, In the meantime, Max and Majomat returned the favour to Paul Chain by guesting on his own "Container" album and toured with him throughout Italy.

Building on their growing profile abroad, OJM released a split 7" - "I've Got No

Time to Waste/Demon Seed" with UK band Gorilla (Beard of Stars) in

May 2003, which also showcased their new, cranked up rock'n'roll approach.



During the past two years, OJM have brought their chaotic stylings to more than 200 live shows, sharing stages with acts such as Nebula, Hardcore Superstar, Motorpsycho, Fleshtones, Gorilla and many, many more. The band will be playing throughout the summer in their native Italy, with a full, European tour planned for January 2005.


Get ready to see the light!


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ALIX - "GROUND" (GOD003) - Released through GO DOWN RECORDS on November 8th, 2004


Imagine if PJ Harvey had been let lose on the whole of that Desert Sessions

album - and then turned the mother UP. Just how good would that have sounded? Exactly. So meet Alix, guaranteed to burn a short cut straight to your heart with their new album 'Ground' -  an exhilarating mix of desert dust trail distortion and the unique, soulful vocals of singer Alice, that looks set to

establish the band as a prime, international force to be reckoned with.



Bologna native Alice Albertazzi has been making waves in the male-dominated stronghold of heavyweight, Sabbath influenced rock for nearly a decade now. Inspired by a love of psychedelic guitars and thunderous grooves, she formed Alix in 1995. After a handful of line up changes, the singer found a set of kindred spirits in the form of Gianfranco Romanelli (bass/slide guitar), Pippo de Palma (guitar) and Andrea Insulla (drums) who would follow her vision through to the present day.



Three albums followed - their self-titled debut 'Alix' (1997) then  'Cuore in

Bocca' (1999) and "Nessun Brivido" (2001), all of which were released to

critical acclaim. With a fierce stage presence and uncompromising attitude, it

was only a matter of time before they came to the attention of Go Down records, who decided to make them the third addition to their roster of exciting and diverse acts.



'Ground' is their finest offering yet, and their English language debut. The

trademark grooves are there but the songs and sounds are far tighter, far

edgier - from the bluesy stomp of 'Lonely', to the patchouli tinged spin out of

'Love' or the turbulent pulse of the title track - Alix have effortlessly seized

the disparate threads of grunge rock, 60's psychedelia, folk, and blues, and

twisted them into one addictive sonic boom.



With their impassioned performances, the band have racked up an impressive live profile. Following their success at Rock Revolution in 2000, Alix made an appearance at the Heineken Jammin' Festival the same year, sharing the stage with such rock luminaries as MUSE, GUANO APES, PRIMAL SCREAM, and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. While last year they undertook two European tours - the first with Scandinavian outfits PAWNSHOP and DOZER, the second in support of THE HIDDEN HAND, the new band of  Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, the GODFATHER of desert rock (St Vitus, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Probot).



Small wonder that Alix have earned themselves the title of Italy's premier

"Psychedelic Groove Rock Band". On the strength of 'Ground', it won’t be long

before Alice Albertazzi earns herself another title; that of the Queen of Stoner



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ALIX confirmed as PLACE OF SKULLS support! Go here for the tour dates!