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1.) THE RIVER – Broken Window 10"
After some trouble with the pressing plant ( fired clerk, lost master and artwork !!) the vinyl is no coming. More infos soon.

"THE RIVER have now recorded a 10" for The Church Within Records (Germany). It has a re-recorded-slower-than-the-album version of 'Broken Window', a re-recorded-with-completely-different-to-the-album-ending version of 'Inside The Flood Diary' plus a brand new track entitled 'To Bring Closure' which we've been playing live recently".

2.) UNORTHODOX– new album"Awaken"
After 1,5 year in the studio the new album "Awaken" is ready.
Expect one of the best Maryland Doom Album since ages !!! ( DaveSherman / Earthride)

"UNORTHODOX were one of the many Maryland based doom metal bands in the early 90's. They were originally formed around 1990 under the name ASYLUM but since there was another band with that name they changed to UNORTHODOX for the release of their debut album in 1993. Soon after the release of their second album in 1995 their label Hellhound Records closed its doors and the band was dormant for some time. In early 2000 the band was revived once again and have been playing live in the Washington DC area. In early 2004 the band reunited once" .
3.) FORCE 
It is a huge honor for me to to announce that The Church Within Record will put out all FORCE material !!! At the moment Alfred Morris is doing the transfer of the old recordings to a new format

"FORCE forms in suburban Maryland with, according to an early press sheet, “the sole purpose of being a Black Sabbath tribute band.” The group’s various lineups break metal gender and racial barriers by including both female and African-American members. Band motto: “Blacker Than Black Sabbath.”
4.) WINTER - Vinyl Re-Release of 'Into Darkness' and 'Eternal Frost' 
“WINTER is one of the hardest to digest Doom acts due to the oppressive nature of their songs.” The Frost is coming later this year !!!!
5.) ELECTRIC WIZARD – Supercoven Vinyl Re-Release
First time official re- release. Nice Gatefold-Sleeve. Ready to go to the pressing plant !!!
6.) CHURCH OF MISERY – 'Taste the pain' Pic-Vinyl
Re-Release of the classic Bad Acid and hard to find CD. First time on vinyl ! 

7.) VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED – 'Treatise on ruins' Vinyl
The new MiniLP called 'Treatise on ruins' will be available this year. Maybe some years later. No one knows. It will surely be released on The Church Within Records. 

"We’ve just finished recording 3 new songs (including a Bathory cover song) with Mr. Michelle Darkness (End of Green) at the mixing board for yet another split release. This time it will be split-LP with Finnish doomsters GARDEN OF WORM and it will be released on The Church Within Records later in 2008".