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New releases from CRUCIAL BLAST and more updates

WILDLIFE live shows

WILDLIFE's incredibly unique album 'Six' has been winning 'em all over endlessly since it's release. A few local dates have been set up with more tour plans in the works for the year.
03/06/2008 San Francisco CA @ the hemlock w/Old Time Religion
03/09/2008 Los Angeles CA @ the smell w/Goliathbirdeater, Gang Wizard 

New album from NADJA

CRUCIAL BLAST will be releasing the new album from NADJA, 'Desire In Uneasiness', on April 8th. The music on Desire... explores some new territory for the band, the addition of a real live drummer taking the band down some new paths of psychedelic wandering and jazzy atmosphere while maintaining the brutally grinding bass groove and beautifully corrosive shoegazer guitar distortion that makes up NADJA's sound. The CD will be packaged in a Stoughton gatefold jacket and it's going to look amazing.

New album from TREES

On May 6th, CRUCIAL BLAST will be releasing the debut album from the Portland band TREES, who play ultra-feedback laden, noise-laced, glacially grinding blackened doom. These guys have a twisted, freaked out and psychedelic take on extreme doom that is pretty damn horrific sounding, with a hypnotic death-ritual quality similar to bands like Bloody Panda. Extremely crushing.


Another new addition to the CRUCIAL BLAST roster is Japanese avant-death duo NOISM. NOISM have been around for awhile and appeared on the Drum Machinegun compilation that Relapse released a few years ago, and everyone that has heard their insanely technical, impossibly complex shredding and abstract death metal riffing has been blown away by 'em. NOISM somehow approximate the sound of a thousand DM riffs being chopped up and remixed into short blasts of glitched-out pummel driven by lightspeed computer blasts. We'll be releasing the band's first actual CD, titled '±', at the beginning of the summer.


Our final new addition to the CRUCIAL BLAST roster is GNAW THEIR TONGUES, an enigmatic project from the Netherlands that has wowed fans of fucked-up heaviosity over the past year with the phenomenal 'Reeked, Pained and Shuddering' CD on Paradigms and a host of super limited CDR and cassette releases. We'll be releasing the deluxe CD version of GNAW THEIR TONGUES' new full length 'An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood', which was released as a limited edition vinyl release at the beginning of the year on Burning World Records. This undefinable mass of black amorphic horror  is one of the most intense listens we've engaged in recently, a nihilistic pit of howling orchestral strings and blackened abstract doom, operatic female voices plunging into a fetid sewer of filth and blackness, equal parts avant black metal and splattered sludge and symphonic horror movie score. An overwhelming deathscape scrawled in jagged figures across pieces like "My body is not a vessel, nor a temple. It's a repulsive pile of sickness" or "Sawn asunder and left for the beasts", and flecked with moments of unbelievably crushing beauty that may surprise fans of GNAW THEIR TONGUES' previous work. This release is slated for sometime in June.


New BLACK ELK line-up

And in BLACK ELK news, the band reports that founding drummer Matt Latorre has left the band and has been replaced by Jeff Watson, formerly of The Icarus Line: "BLACK ELK is sad to report the parting of ways with founding member, original drummer and great friend Matt Latorre. His excellent ability and dashing good looks will be missed but rest assured, he will be buying the other boys drinks at Club 21, The B-Side and The Standard for many years to come. They are also very excited to announce the addition of longtime friend and fantastic musician Jeff Watson. He spent many years playing with The Icarus Line and various other bands in the Los Angeles area." Stay tuned for upcoming news on new BLACK ELK releases and tour dates.''