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New Release out now on Foreshadow Productions

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

How far can the musical extremes and the heaviness go? Dutch ultra doom metal commando Bunkur and British nihilistic outfit Moss try to find the answer to this question. Whether they managed to push their uncompromising art beyond any reasonable boundaries is yet to be judged.

Without doubt, one thing is certain - they managed to put to tape one of the heaviest, most extreme and uncomparably harsh doom metal music by covering, re-arranging and recording songs by highly acclaimed two acts: Burzum and Swans. From no matter how different musical genres the original artists come, this album comprises their songs cloacked in slow, crushing and nihilistic vibes. Both Bunkur and Moss, although relatively new to the scene, have already gained a status and position among the most extreme doom metal bands ever. These exclusive cover songs perfectly show their destructive potential and the will to rule the scene. The Bunkur vs Moss split album, delivered on professional format, housed in DVD case with custom artwork provided by the bands themselves, is simply nothing but the essence of THE EXTREME. Info: www.label.foreshadowproductions.comOrdering: www.shop.foreshadowproductions.com