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New NADJA album "Bliss Torn From Emptiness" out now!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

A new NADJA disc has been released into the world, strictly limited edition, from New York's Fargone Records:

NADJA - Bliss Torn From Emptiness CD-R

The music of Canadian duo NADJA falls in an odd space between ambient, drone, and metal. This duo's riff-heavy waves of sound are meditative, glacially paced, and rich in textural nuance, which would place them squarely in the ambient/drone camp, except that their music also exudes the attitude and stoner vibe of slow-moving metalheads like Sunn-O))) or Boris. On "Bliss Torn From Emptiness", the pair stretches out into a lengthy exploration of a single riff, with the piece developing at a nearly subconscious level -- it's a perfect head-nodding, trance-inducing drone, all atmosphere and moody emotion. Comes in a white gatefold sleeve with full-color, pro-printed artwork.

LIMITED TO 60. $8.


Go to http://www.fargonerecords.com/ for more info and to order.