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New JULIAN COPE album "Dark Orgasm" out now!

A second Cope album for '05, DARK ORGASM is a violent sequence of outcast broadsides levelled at the coming new 21st-century conservatism.

Dressed in 8 songs of guitar-heavy hard rock split into two short CDs for maximum enjoyment, you can drain your brain to the seven shorter songs of Disc One, then feed your head with the 21-minute garage blitz of Disc Two's 'The Death & Resurrection Show'. The 16-page booklet of poetry and lyrics is all wrapped up in a delightful iron cross-inscribed box.




Julian will be taking his band on the road in February to play songs from DARK ORGASM and CITIZEN CAIN'D, plus various songs from the albums of the past twenty years. He intends to play as many different songs as possible and vary the set considerably from night to night. The tour will also be the first opportunity for audiences to see his dynamic new drummer Mr. E., who has added considerable weight to the sound of DARK ORGASM, and the band intends to play for a minimum of two hours per night. Special effort is also being made to provide some spectacular 'tour only' merchandise, including at least one CD of unreleased new material. You can find the tour-dates here!



Here at last, COLLECTING EARTHQUAKES is Holy McGrail's heavy-breathing and Yggdrasil-riding debut album. Clad in a faux-Armenian sleeve to die for, this is Doomsday's year zero for all you trudge metal outlaws. McGrail here presents us with 3 outrageously strung-out underworld rides into the dying embers of the West with the pride of Woden's Wild Hunt as his homeboys. Massive contributions by Brain Donor's Doggen, plus an all-inspiring collaboration with Sunn 0)))'s Stephen O'Malley.




This new release from Head Heritage's mid-price label Fuck Off & Di features the superb female led drone band Fried-X. Hailing from the north-east of England, Fried-X contains ex-members of Glasgow's The Whores and Tyneside's Universal Panzies. This is a divine mantric ooze of lunar informed melancholy reminiscent of downer Krautrock bands such as Sand, Kalakackra and, most of all, Amon Duul's sublime PARADIEWARTS DUUL.



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