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New from I HATE Records!

June 23 is the ultimate date of doom!

To subdue the positive effects of this years midsummer solstice I Hate has decided to deliver a fatal blow to all that joy and light by releasing no less than five different items of doom at the same time!


The 23rd of June will have to face the self titled debut MLP by Finnish THE PURITAN; the second album by Sweden' s ISOLE, called 'Throne of Void'; the debut album by Finland's FALL OF THE IDOLS, baptized 'The Womb of the Earth', the second full length by the U.S.' THE GATES OF SLUMBER, 'Suffer No Guilt'; and 'Hundus', the second album by BURNING SAVIOURS!


This year the summer solstice will more than ever mark the turning point where we go towards darker times, autumn will indeed be early. For updates on this massive Date of Doom check our new site at www.ihate.se