New EP from MOTHER TRUCKER out soon!

Hello everybody,

Here's a round up of the current MOTHER TRUCKER news.

Firstly we have uploaded new unreleased track "Dark Destoryer" taken from "Electric Blacksmith" onto our MySpace and PureVolume accounts today and we'd appreciate your feedback on it. Our new EP "Electric Blacksmith" is due out through Gallipoli Records soon (Chris is doing the artwork as we speak) and we'll be supporting it throughout 2006, so expect to see a lot more of us this year.


In other news we're recording AGAIN on the 26th March with Mick Kenney of Mistress at Necrodeath Studios to lay down three new songs, 2 will be for a split CD with The Legion Of Doom coming out through Calculon Records and the other new track will be on a split vinyl release with our home boys Una Corda, DIY Stylee.


We played Coventry last Saturday and it was brilliant, serving up a lot of new and old material for the fans. We played our home town of Brum last night also, so thanks to everyone who came to both of those.


Let us know what you think of "Dark Destroyer" and you'll be hearing more of us soon!!