New ELEKTROHASCH releases!

Here are the latest news from Stefan Koglek about what's going on at the Elektohasch headquarter. Check out the latest releases and more about upcoming future plans.


Elektrohasch 108: UGH! – Meat Fairies CD is out now!

Proudly I can announce the release of this amazing noise rock mayhem. Get carried away by its pure raging energy!


Elektrohasch 109: NIXON NOW - Altamont Nation Express CD is out now!

Hamburg’s very own Motor City Gang. Among their fans are Michael Davis of the revived MC5, the legendary Thee Hypnotics or Nicke Royale of The Hellacopters. Listen to their furious new album and you’ll know why!


Elektrohasch 002: COLOUR HAZE - Periscope CD

Finally out on December 14 will be the long awaited re-release of the 1999 Colour Haze album Periscope on CD! Includes a previously unreleased bonus track.


Elektrohasch artists GAS GIANT and HAINLOOSE are currently working on new albums. Be prepared for astonishing killer releases by these bands early next year! COLOUR HAZE have booked the Institut für Wohlklangforschung to record their new album in April 2006. Due to some difficulties about cover-artwork and master discs and tapes the announced Elektrohasch Vinyl releases have been delayed to early next year. Sorry, but it will be worth the wait!


Scheduled for early 2006:

Elektrohasch 103 LP: Hypnos 69 - The Intrigue Of Perception LP

Elektrohasch 104 LP: Los Natas - München Sessions double LP

Elektrohasch 105 LP: Rotor - 2 LP

Elektrohasch 107 LP: The Kings of Frog Island LP

Elektrohasch 110 LP: Hypnos 69 - Timeline Traveller LP

Elektrohasch 110: Hypnos 69 - Timeline Traveller CD - Reissue of their fantastic (and currently sold out) first album


Also new albums by COLOUR HAZE, HAINLOOSE and many more…


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