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New DUSTER 69 shirt available!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Here are some DUSTER 69 news:

- Check out "Burn the Streets Vol.5" for an unreleased Duster69 track. Get your copy at Daredevil Records now!


- Still no news on the long-awaited split CD with Rickshaw. It seems that WUCK Records have some problems with the CD factory. Sorry for the delay!! In the meantime you ought to check out "Upcoming" on the "Burn the Streets Vol.5" compilation.


- New shirts are available in really great quality for 10 EUR each.

a) "Skull" on black shirt ( available in sizes s - xl )

b) "Logo" on burgundy, red, stone, blue shirt ( available in sizes s - xl )

All shirts "Fruit of the loom Super Premium"

Designed by the mighty Ralf from Daredevil Magazine / Buero-Nord (www.bueru-nord.de)

Check out the website for details and pictures!

- if you will ORDER a shirt (6.7. - 30.7.), you will get a free (!!!) DUSTER 69 and SISSIES CD! Be fast!!

 - next show on 22.09.2005 in Nürnberg/Germany - Kunstverein (with the mighty Stereochrist)