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New BOTTOM album and upcoming US tour!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Here are the latest news from BOTTOM:


Our third record, "you'rNext," is now available at Small Stone Records' website:  www.smallstone.com. The official press release:



"Emerging from a dreamscape of feedback six feet deep, BOTTOM is proud to unveil their volume-addicted folktale and Small Stone Records release, "you'rNext." BOTTOM's third long player twists and turns like an old saw wiseacre then digs into your head like a ritual from the Book of the Dead. Delivered with all the subtlety of the Grim Reaper, you'rNext tells a gypsy lie using minor chords, soul wrenching howls and guitar tones that circle like ravenous buzzards.  BOTTOM's volume drenched metal is built on a foundation of riffs heavier than Hell itself, sharing kindred spirits to Helmet, Isis, Cathedral, Neurosis and Tool."



March 3 kicks off our Springtime tour.  See the dates here, and remember that things are still being confirmed and that change is inevitable. We'll be recording again in April and then beginning in May we're back out for an on-going tour. So if we don't see you in March we'll be sure to be at a venue near you by Summertime. And last but not least, we're happy to announce that our great friend GRETCHEN has signed on to join us on the tours playing second guitar.  GRETCHEN has been ripping it up as Agnes Young in the Bay Area band AC/DSHE for the past three years, and we're excited that she's signed on.

Best wishes!  And See Ya Real Soon...

Sina, Nila, Clementine