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New BEEHOOVER album and appearance at the ROADBURN


Our new album "HEAVY ZOOO" is on the way! All the different tones, bits and frequencies are just being put together. Prepare for a seriously ass kicker about sword swallowing dragons and eagles made of steel. The beast will be in stores on April 25th in Germany, May 19th in the rest of Europe and mid-June in the US. And of course it's published via theworld's best record label Exile On Mainstream Records (www.mainstreamrecords.de)

We'll be on tour with We Insist! from the 2nd of March to the 9th when wewill join the Exile On Mainstream Roadshow (together with Dyse, End Of LevelBoss, A Whisper In The Noise and We Insist!). This will be a massive event with live recordings, DVD production etc. Refer to www.blisstrain.defor any further info. In April we will head for a little trip to the mountains with our friends from Black Shape Of Nexus and Lord of the Grave. For all tour dates please check www.beehoover.com or www.myspace.com/beehoover constantly!

Roadburn Festival Yeah, we're part of it! We'll tear the 013 down on Sunday, 20th of April.And yes: it's sold out!