New album from HYPNOS 69 in 2009

Hi there!

It has been a while ago, but here are some new issues regarding HYPNOS 69.

We've had a nice summer, played on several great festivals, met a lot of nice people and made even more new fans!

In order to work on our forthcoming album, we decided not to do too much shows until the end of 2008, since we'd like to have the CD/LP in your hands around March 2009.

Nevertheless we have a very nice evening coming up this Saturday, October 25th at HET DEPOT in LEUVEN, Belgium, also featuring Brant Bjork & the Bros, Los Natas and My Sleeping Karma. This is absolutely a not-to-be-missed event and the last chance you'll have in 2008 to see us perform. There'll also be some newly written pieces performed. Tickets at

HYPNOS 69 also welcomes aboard Sébastien Monteaud as our brand new manager. He is working with his organisation Crescendo on a big European tour with HYPNOS 69, Carcius and Hamyrad for 2009. Check out the MySpace page for updates on shows in your area!

Together with a new album, we're also putting an effort in composing a double live album to cover what we've been doing live for the past 2 years. Both releases will of course appear on our favourite psychedelic label ElektroHasch.