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MOTHER MISERY tour-dates!!!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

As you may know MOTHER MISERY from Sweden are going to visit Germany on a one week tour in march between 8/3 - 14/3.

It's going to be a High Energy Rock 'n' Roll Explosion and we hope to see a lot of headbanging rockers out there,so it would be great  if you could come meet us at one of the gigs.


The dates and places for the shows are:


09.03.2005 Jena - Rosenkeller.

with Good witch of the south and Royal Rooster.


10.03.2005 Herzogenaurach - Rabatz.

with Duster 69.


11.03.2005 Altenkunstadt - Nepomuk.

with Duster 69.


12.03.2005 Bad Frankenhausen - White Pig.

with Duster 69.


13.03.2005 Berlin - Mad'n'Crazy.

with Delghado.


You can find some more info on:


www.rockthistown.de and www.mothermisery.com


Hope to see you there, rock on...

The Mothers.