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Mos Generator Mainman, Tony Reed, Adds his Touch to BLOOD OF THE SUN's, 'Burning on the Wings of Desire'

It's no secret that Tony Reed may be the hardest working musician on the planet. In addition to his own bands, Stone Axe, Mos Generator, Heavy Pink, and production work with the Cody Foster Army, Reed was personally tapped to lend his discerning ear, knowledge, songs and mighty guitar chops to the new album from 70's-tinged U.S. hard rock band Blood Of The Sun.

Blood Of The Sun was formed in 2002 by Henry Vasquez (Saint Vitus, Archie Bunker) on drums and Dave Gryder (Storm at Sunrise) on keyboards. Blood Of The Sun's goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the '70's, and nobody represents that sound and ethic better than Mos Generator's leader, Tony Reed. After temporarily relocating to Texas, Reed produced the new Blood of the Sun album, recorded it, wrote a few of the songs, helped with the arrangements and played guitar and bass. And if Tony's work on Stone Axe and Mos Generator are any indication, the new album will be bristling with unadulterated 70's rock energy and be loaded with enough heaviness to shake the earth.

Even in the midst of his work on Blood of the Sun, Tony Reed was undaunted in his quest to finish the latest Mos Generator album, 'Nomads', which is set for release on Ripple Music late October 2012. Building off of the legendary heavy stoner sound that Mos created with such releases as 'The Late Great Planet Earth' and 'Songs for Future Gods', and the Ripple Music released, 'Mos Generator- 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' Tony Reed reunited with Scooter Haslip and Shawn Johnson to record the first new Mos Generator material in 5 years.

So what can fans expect? The same roaring riffs, dense melodies, and searing guitar work that Mos Generator first brought to the heavy rock scene in 2002. Known in the industry as one of the most under-rated guitarists in rock music, new fans have been introduced to Tony Reed's sizzling, retro-70's guitar work through recent cover-mounted CD's on Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine. Now fans of Blood of the Sun will hear that killer tone that Henry Vasquez and the rest of the Blood of the Sun gang know so well.

Look for the new Mos Generator album in October 2012, and before that, feast your ears on Blood of the Sun's newest album 'Burning on the Wings of Desire', which is scheduled for a late-2012 release on Listenable Records. Get ready for a catchy overdose of vintage hard rock!