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MONSTER Records news: POOBAH "Steamroller" on CD and tour-dates / LAS CRUCES

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

On April 12th, Monster Records will unleash the first official reissue of "Steamroller". the classic 1979 rampaging hard rock guitar masterpiece from those legendary masters of heaviness known as POOBAH. "Steamroller" is considered by many to be the ultimate power trio album of all-time and we at Monster totally agree!!

POOBAH are hailed as "the world's most collectable psych rock band" by Goldmine Magazine. Original pressings of POOBAH's three private label 70's LP's are highly regarded by collectors world-wide and have been trading hands in the 3 figure range for decades. After being bootlegged numerous times on both vinyl and compact disc, Monster Records is finally officially releasing this thundering skull-smasher complete with lyrics, photos, liner notes, re-mastering and 5 bonus tracks! An absolute necessity for fans of classic hard rock and heavy guitar music!! If you don't have it, you need it!!!!If you do have it, you know you love it!!! So tell a friend. Tell two friends. Tell the world. Spread the word... POOBAH RULES!!!! Check out the tour-dates here!!!!


Texas doomsters LAS CRUCES return!!

After a long hiatus, San Antonio's heaviest metal band returns! The new revamped line-up consists of Mark Zammaron/vocals, George Trevino/guitar, Mando Tovar/guitar, Marilyn/bass and Paul DeLeon/drums. The group is busy working on new songs for a follow up to their awesome "Ringmaster" CD. Monster Records will be re-releasing both "S.O.L." and "Ringmaster" with bonus  tracks as well as a brand new album in 2005. LAS CRUCES will be performing in July at the Templars Of Doom Festival II along with  Iron Man, Penance, Reverend Bizarre, Earthride, Pale Divine and many more!! Don't miss this! For more tour-dates go here.