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Monster Records becomes Monster Underground and more news!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Monster Records decided to change their name and upcoming releases from WATCHTOWER, WITCH SLAYER and POOBAH.

1. Monster Records becomes Monster Underground

After many yeras we say goodbye to the name Monster Records due to legal and trademark issues. In September we started the shift to our new name, Monster Underground. We are still in the midst  of converting everything over to the new name , but probably within a month or so it will be complete. All new releases and re-pressings will have the Monster Underground label. So, for a while it may be a little confusing with both label versions floating around. The catalog numbers will remain the same. 3.


2. WATCHTOWER - Energetic Diassembly 

October 5th will see the re-release of WATCHTOWER - "Energetic Disassembly"(MCD030),  the legendary Texas progressive metal band's debut Lp from 1985. This is the infamous album that almost single-handedly created a new genre and took heavy metal into a new dimension. It will contain a 10 page booklet, featuring lyrics, photos, liner notes from Doug Keyser and Jason McMaster as well as a collage of 80s magazine quotes/articles!!!!  The song order is as on the original vinyl release, unlike the previous reissue from 1993.


3. Upcoming Projects on Monster Underground

WITCH SLAYER (MCD036) We have just unearthed the unreleased album from 80s Chicago metal band WITCH SLAYER and are proud to announce that it will finally be released on Monster Underground. This group was one of our favorites from the 80s Chicago scene and have a killer style like a mix of Angel Witch, Witchfinder General and Trouble!! We also have some bonus 80s live tracks as well as some new recordings from the bands recent reuniting. Some of you may already be familiar with the group from their appearance on the Metal Massacre 4 compilationwww.witchslayer.com


POOBAH-"Steamroller" (MCD016) Finally, a legit reissue of this monster 1979 hard rock guitar feast from the legendary OHIO band!! Complete with liner notes, lyrics, photos, and at least 4 bonus non-Lp tracks!!! Say goodbye to those inferior bootlegs! Get ready for a pure heavy guitar rock and roll!!

Also, projects coming from HADES, MANILLA ROAD, IMPECCABLE, and more!!