MODERN DAY MOONSHINE Plow Classic Rock Path With New Single

Classic rock. Music to the ears of rock lovers everywhere. With it's variety of styles and influences, there was a classic rock sound for every taste. Now Ripple Music is bringing back that feeling of the heyday of 1970's Classic Rock Radio with it's ever-expanding roster of authentic, rock and roll bands. And the latest band to forge head-first into this territory is San Francisco's Modern Day Moonshine with their Allman Brother's-tinged new single, 'Fitting the Mold'.

Back in the day, fans explored every facet of rock without need for clear distinctions and boundaries. If you loved Led Zeppelin, you probably loved Lynyrd Skynyrd. If you were a fan of Thin Lizzy's guitar attack, there also was a Molly Hatchet. And if you loved the blues-based rock of Free you could also lose yourself in the blues jamming of the Allman Brothers. Modern Day Moonshine fills that space in the Ripple roster, plowing their bluesy, southern guitar-fried sound amongst the heavier tones of other Ripple bands-- and success is staring the boys right in the face.

Modern Day Moonshine's latest full-length record, 'Refuge', made an immediate impact on radio charts, finding itself nestled among the likes of genre stalwarts The Black Crowes, Ray LaMontagne, and Robert Plant. Now Modern Day Moonshine looks to build on that success with the release of their latest digital single. With it's spirited, fiery guitar, 'Fitting the Mold' will harken back to those glorious days of 1970's Classic Rock, resurrect thoughts of classic Allman Brothers, and be sure to satisfy listeners who crave the variety that classic radio had in it's peak.

Released through Ripple Music, 'Fitting the Mold' can be found on iTunes, CDBaby, and Ripple's own Bandcamp page.

Check it out and see what all the fuss is about.