MIRROR OF DECEPTION Reveal New Album Details

Germany's doom metal institution MIRROR OF DECEPTION will release their new album 'A Smouldering Fire' on October 15 via Cyclone Empire. 'Isle of Horror', the opening track of their new album is now available at MIRROR OF DECEPTION's MySpace site: www.myspace.com/mirrorofdeception

'A Smouldering Fire' will be available in two different versions: a normal single CD album version and a digipack 2CD set including the additional 'The First 2 Decades' bonus CD.

'The First 2 Decades' tracklist:

01. Der Student von Ulm (from the split 12" w/ Garden Of Worm)

02. The Falls (Hick Hubins Loundness War Remix)

03. Ode (Bathory cover from the split 12" w/ Garden Of Worm)

04. Yearn (from the 2000 demo)

05. Leaves (from the 2000 demo)

06. One Mind (Saint Vitus cover from the 2000 demo)

07. Katharsis (from the split 7" w/ Tefra)

08. Mirrorsoil 2010 (new version) 

09. Chapter MMX (new version)

10. (We Are) Mirror of Deception (new version)

Check out the album cover here


Cyclone Empire MySpace site: www.myspace.com/cycloneempire