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MeteorCity Update: SNAIL Re-issues Debut Album as Digital Download

SNAIL has announced that their long out-of-print self titled debut album has been remastered and is available for download from the band’s website, http://www.snailhq.com.

The eponymous first album, originally released on Big Deal Records, recorded at Razor’s Edge Studio in San Francisco, CA (birthplace of Sleep’s Holy Mountain) and produced by Jonathan Burnside (Melvins, Nirvana, Steelpole Bathtub) was well received by critics and garnered much praise in the press, as well as gaining a loyal following from peers like long time supporters Fu Manchu and Nebula.

Remastered by Matt Lynch at his Mysterious Mammal studio, http://www.mysteriousmammal.com the band strove to “preserve as much dynamic energy as possible” while adding additional “power, volume, and detail to the tracks.” The result is a dynamic work that still breathes, with punch and clarity that doesn’t get smashed to mush as so often happens with “loud” remastering jobs. “This record was meant to be played loud, and we want it to sound bigger and better when cranked, not make your ears bleed like so many “modern” mastering jobs do these days.” The download is encoded at the highest possible quality for easy download: 320 kbps bitrate mp3. In addition to the remastered audio, a deluxe artwork package is included for printing which when printed and cut fits handily into a CD Jewel case, even including a CD label laid out for the standard Avery template.

Track Listing

1. Deep See Fishin'

2. Confessions

3. Sprain

4. O.D.

5. Chewing Aspirin

6. Hard Lung

7. Full-Acid

8. Intuition

9. Lycanthrope

10. Your Song

11. R=Theta

What people said about SNAIL’s debut record in 1993:

“Snail is a way psyched out interstellar mind feast…severely coated with lysergic residue and bongwater.” – Snipehunt

“ Yes, Yes, YES! All blunt edges and slabs of pounding sound, buy or die” – B-Side “Distorted trippy fuzz…the kind of experimental lunacy you wish more bands would indulge their talents in.” – Splatter Effect

“While SNAIL’s full-throttle jams stand on their own, it’s the beastly sludge-tones of the guitars that pulverize me every time. I’m pulp…and I love it.” – BAM Magazine

SNAIL formed in 1992 consisting of singer Mark Johnson (The Crucified, Blessing the Hogs), bassist Matt Lynch and drummer Marty Dodson. Reunited in January, 2008 after a fourteen year hiatus, the original lineup added guitarist and longtime friend Eric Clausen for the recording of their current album, Blood. The result is a hypnotic mix of roaring classic metal, doom, sludge, stoner and psychedelic dubbed “psychedoomic.” SNAIL is currently booking shows in California and will be touring in Spring of 2010.