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Here is a quick MeteorCity update for you!



Elder's long awaited new album, 'Dead Roots Stirring', is a monster and the CD is currently available exclusively from All That is Heavy! It's specially priced at only $9.69 for a limited time so make sure you don't miss out on that sweet deal! 'Dead Roots Stirring' will be available digitally via Itunes, Amazon, etc, etc, on or around September 6 and should start showing up in record stores shortly thereafter. A deluxe gatefold double vinyl version is in the works and should be released in the coming months by Headspin Records.

Get the 'Dead Roots Stirring' CD for only $9.69 right here: http://www.allthatisheavy.com/info.asp?item_num=ATH-8699 




We have finally locked into an official street date for the highly anticipated second album by Black Pyramid. That street date is January 31st, 2012 and the album will be called 'Black Pyramid II'. The Mercy's Bane flexi-discs were printed with an estimated release of fall/winter 2011 but that was just not going to be possible without rushing the recording process. Which none of us wanted to do, of course. So, the band now has the freedom and extra time needed to really focus on making this album as good as it can be without any constrictive high-pressure deadlines.

We have Black Pyramid CDs, Vinyl and T-shirts in stock right now at All That is Heavy, including the brand new 'Cthulu' T-shirt. Here's a quick link to all Black Pyramid items in All That is Heavy: http://www.allthatisheavy.com




We just received the following link to a super-cool Olde Growth video for the song 'Cry of the Nazgul / The Second Darkness / To the Black Gate' from their self Titled album (MeteorCity, 2011). This video is by no means "official" but it's very well done, it's a lot of fun to watch and it will definitely turn you on to the Olde Growth vibe if you're not already into them. Check out the video right HERE.

Buy the Olde Growth CD right here: http://www.allthatisheavy.com/info.asp?item_num=ATH-8696 


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