MeteorCity Release Schedule for 2010

Here is a quick update to let you know about the MeteorCity releases that we have scheduled for 2010 so far.

SARDONIS - Self Titled CD

Skull crushing instrumental doom. The prowess of Karma to Burn meets the ferocity of High on Fire.

Release Dates: April 5 (Europe/UK) April 6 (North America)



HUMO DEL CAIRO is a heavy psychedelic trio born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) during late 2004. This self titled debut features six long heavy psychedelic tracks inspired by Los Natas, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Jimi Hendrix, Pappo's Blues and Color Humano. This power trio is not always a devastating flood, often shifting back and forth between the calm and the storm. Their versatility, ranging from Latin-roots jams to aggressive riffs, is the hallmark of this impressive young band's approach.

Release Dates: June 7 (Europe/UK) June 8 (North America)


VALKYRIE - Man of Two Visions CD

VALKYRIE - Self Titled (Re-issue) CD 

NO FASHION - NO IMAGE - NO HYPE. VALKYRIE is classic doom, hard rock, and heavy metal from the mystical climes of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Founded in 2002 in Lexington by like-minded brothers Jake Adams and Pete Adams (of Baroness). The 2 guitarist assault with dual harmonizing shows the musical telepathy between these two brothers. We’re talking some serious vintage heavy metal here, like the solos you’d hear from Iron Maiden with a vibe like early Pentagram. VALKYRIE has their own thing going on, though. Some bands rehash the style of their influences. With VALKYRIE, they just play the music as it was played back when music wasn’t categorized in 300 different ways, and all that mattered was to plug in and play with conviction and soul.

Release Dates: July 5 (Europe/UK) July 6 (North America)