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MeteorCity Records news, 2009 release updates, and acres of live dates

The following albums will be released on MeteorCity Records in 2009. They are all in various stages of production and no firm release dates have been set:



release: Black Pyramid

BLACK PYRAMID play doom with the rumbling down-tuned tones like Sleep, Electric Wizard, and High On Fire, but with the epic arrangements of early metal and doom acts such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and The Obsessed. Add to the sonic brew perfectly executed forays into vintage psych and progressive rock, along with the apocalyptic lyrical ravings about war, the occult, and general alienation, and you've got an accurate picture of what the band is all about. Prepare to be crushed by the weight of the BLACK PYRAMID...




release: Freedom Hawk

Loud, hard, and powerful riff-rock wrapped in metal tones, with melodic high-pitched vocals and slight psychedelic tastes. FREEDOM HAWK’s music slashes away, tearing its way into the ears of all those who listen with explosive and very tasteful leads. With original quality matched only to those which have proven themselves in days past. The driving beat and heavy guitars with timeless vocals gives light to a new birth in heavy music, with a ray of excitement allowing you to rock away to FREEDOM HAWK’s dark music fueled by the sun. This band is a must see on-stage to fully experience their true power...




release: Leeches of Lore

LEECHES OF LORE have stepped through the rift to offer us salvation. Spilling forth their musical seed, the intergalactic dust bowl is healed by a sour-mash tincture of sound. Like hard rock carnival barkers from the future, Steve Hammond and Andy Lutz blend classic metal, thrash, and country into an alter-dimensional spaghetti western to mesmerize the rubes, whilst elevating the rest of us upon the shoulders of the sonic Sasquatch. These are the songs we hear when fight must be chosen over flight. The war upon mediocrity has begun! The arrival of LEECHES OF LORE's debut album signals the return to halcyon days, the beginning of the end. Rapture will follow...




release: Chronicles

NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS are a sonic Swedish collision between the heaviest of metal and the firmest of rock. Wrapped up with the lyrical themes of dwelling beast and filthy creatures, the sound can only be described as massive.




release: Blood

Analogous to the slow, relentless power of erosion, SNAIL melts mountains and reshapes earth with their latest offering, 'Blood'. A band that once shared the stage with Stoner/Doom contemporaries Sleep, SNAIL embarked on a 13-year sacred journey to Sheol from whence they recently emerged. Crushing proto-metal psychedelic fuzz-fests march on with sweet melodies shrouded by psyched-out oscillations. This is an album that should be measured on the Geologic Time Scale.



You'll finde tour live dates from some of the bands here in the Cosmic Lava Tourdates-section.