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MEMORY DRIVEN To Enter Studio In Early November

MEMORY DRIVEN will be entering the studio to record it's sophomore release on November 1st. The album is tentatively titled 'Animus'. I Hate Records will be handling the distribution and sales again for us. Once we settle on a final track listing I will let you know. We hope this album will represent what we believe is the culmination and germination of 2 years worth of growth as a band and as individual musicians. I for one am completely satisfied with what we can be.

The lyrical content will deal mostly with how we treat each other and focus mostly on our seeming unwillingness to forgive each other. I've recently faced some health issues that have forced me to come to grips with things about myself that I hardly ever faced and I've tried to touch on those issues within these songs. I've posted a couple rehearsal videos to give you an idea of the direction of some of the material. Check out the first video here. Thank you for your consideration. 

Dennis Cornelius