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"LUCIFER SONGS", the new work of UFOMAMMUT, is out!

The new incredible work of UFOMAMMUT is finally out. 'Lucifer Songs' is available on CD and LP, and both versions come a DVD which features videos of three of the tracks plus a "soundscapes" section, extremely impressive mindbending visuals for all the pieces of music.

All the visuals were created by European premier artist Malleus (www.malleusdelic.com), who is famous for creating the best screenprinted posters this side of the atlantic. The LP and CD packages are also housed in hand screen printed sleeves by Malleus as well. This is a one off release and will never be reissued.


The cd version of 'Lucifer Songs' is a suite that consists of 5 parts (Blind, Hellcore, Hypnotized, Mars, Astrodronaut) while, the track 'Lucifer Song' which is an excursion into analogue electronica, creating a dark piece of music for the mind, will be present as a bonus track in the LP version. Welcome to Supernatural Cat, the brand new record label by Malleus!


Title: UFOMAMMUT "LUCIFER SONGS"                   

Format:CD+DVD LP+DVD ---- ldt 1000 + 1000

Label: Supernaturalcat & Rocket Recordings Uk

Distros: Audioglobe/Cargo


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