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Lorenzo Woodrose – 20 Years of Psychedelic Rock

Lorenzo Woodrose is singer, guitarist and songwriter in BABY WOODROSE and a busy guy as well. Since the end of the 80's Lorenzo has been a central figure on the Danish psychedelic rock scene and 2009 marks the year when it's 20 years ago he appeared on the first piece of vinyl. If you count in the upcoming BABY WOODROSE album 'Baby Woodrose' Lorenzo has made 24 albums and a remarkeable amount of singles (check the discography below) the past 20 years.

Besides BABY WOODROSE Lorenzo also appears in bands like Dragontears, Spids Nøgenhat, Pandemonica, Disconnected Flowers and he played drums for many years in On Trial. In 2001 he started his own label and released the BABY WOODROSE debut album 'Blows Your Mind'. Until then it had been constant struggle but things started slowly to change. Lorenzo Woodrose:

“If one should sum up my career so far it could be devided into two parts. The first part I would describe as a constant feeling of defiance and musical stubborness. There was no recognision, no money, no interest, no deal. In the second part everything has been a bit easier and I think the change came in 2003 even though the lines are kinda blurry”

The turning point came with the second BABY WOODROSE album 'Money For Soul' from 2003. The single 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' became a big hit on Danish National radio and the album won prices and was nominated for a Grammy. They also had the honour of opening the Roskilde Festival on the main stage and played shows and festivals all over Europe and the US.

The new BABY WOODROSE album is simply called 'Baby Woodrose' and is due for release September 14th. For Lorenzo Woodrose it's back to basics since he has recorded almost everything himself and together with producer Johan Gellett they have created an album that is quite different from previous efforts. Lorenzo Woodrose:

“The new album is quite different from the other albums. It is recorded in a different studio than usual with new people and for once it is 100% digitally recorded meaning one instrument at a time. Which was necessary since I play most of the instruments on the album. As for the songwriting there is not much difference – my songs tend to sound like BABY WOODROSE”.


Lorenzo Woodrose discography 1989-2009:


Angel of Love / Garageland Records (7"single - 1989)
Like This… / Snog Rock Records (LP - 1990)
Seventy Kilometers of Underwater Nothingness, Kaptain / Omnium Records (CD - 1995)
Head Entrance / Helicopter Records (LP - 1996)
Head Entrance / SPV-Germany (CD - 1997)
Head E.P. / Delerium Records (10" EP - 1999)
Head E.P. / Cargo Germany (10" EP - 2001)
New Day Rising / Delerium Records (CD/LP - 1999)
Psychedelic Freakout Party / Burnt Hippie Recordings(Dbl. LP - 2000)
Blinded By The Sun / Molten (CD - 2002)
Blinded By The Sun / Freakophonic (LP - 2002)
Higher b/w That's Right / Bad Afro (7"single - 2002)
Parchment Farm b/w Interstellar Overdrive / Freakophonic (7"single - 2004)
Head / Molten (CD - 2004)
Live! / Molten (CD - 2005)
Forever / Bad Afro (CD/LP 2006)


Blows Your Mind / Pan Records (CD -2002)
Blows Your Mind / Animal Records (LP - 2002)
Blows Your Mind / Bad Afro (CD – 2003 / LP – 2008) Never Coming Back b/w My Flash On You / Bad Afro (7"single - 2002)
Double Six b/w That's How Strong / Pan Records (7" single - 2002)
Don't Look Back / Ewing Records (splitsingle with The Defectors - 2002)
Disconnected b/w Too Far Gone / Bad Afro (7" single - 2003)
Carrie b/w Too Far Gone / Bad Afro (CD single - 2003)
Money For Soul / Bad Afro ( CD/LP - 2003)
Live At Gutter Island / Bad Afro (LP - 2003)
With Peter Belli: Nok Af Dig b/w Det Du Ka' Li / Bad Afro (7"single - 2004)
Dropout! / Bad Afro (CD/LP - 2004)
Hold It! / Bad Afro (splitsingle with Sweatmaster - 2004)
Love Comes Down / Spinello - Playground (CD/LP -2006)
No Other Girl b/w Live Wire / Spinello - Playground (7" single - 2006)
Chasing Rainbows / Bad Afro (CD/LP - 2007)
I’m Gonna Make You Mine B/W Information Overload / Crusher (7” - 2007)
Let Yourself Go B/W A Good Day To Die / Longfellow Deeds (7” - 2007)
Here Today Gone Tomorrow / Bad Afro (split 7” with Dollhouse - 2008)
Coming Around Again / Bad Afro (7” – 2008)
No Mas B/W Making My Time / Sound Effect (7” - 2009) (Coming up in November)
Baby Woodrose / Bad Afro (CD/LP – 2009) (out 14.09.09)


Volume 1 / Helicopter Records (LP - 2000)
Volume 2 / Orpheus Records (LP - 2000)
Volume 3 / Pan Records (LP - 2001)
Mekombina / Pan Records (12" single - 2002)


En Mærkelig Kop Te / Orpheus Records (CD/LP - 2001)
Alrune Rod b/w En Drøm / Pan Records (7" single - 2002)


Dragontears: 2000 Micrograms From Home / Bad Afro (CD/LP - 2007)
Dragontears: Tambourine Freak Machine / Bad Afro (CD/LP – 2008)
Dragontears: Hadron Collider / Repo Man Records (7” – 2008)


Electrojets : Patchouli / Eardrop Records (7"single - 2000)
Aron : Black Beacon / Sort Hash (LP - 2000)
Disconnected Flowers : Run Little Girl / Pan Records (7" single - 2002)
The Setting Son: The Setting Son / Bad Afro (CD/LP - 2007)
The Setting Son: In A Certain Way / Bad Afro (CDS/7" single 2007)
The Setting Son: Spring of Hate / Bad Afro (CD/LP – 2009)

Lorenzo also do backing vocals and percussion on various albums by The Defectors, The Burnouts, The Freeks, Screaming Eric, Cherry Overdrive, The Caps, Viva Vertigo and President Fetch.