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BABY WOODROSE 'Let Yourself Go' ltd ed 7"
Formed by frontman Lorenzo in late 2001, BABY WOODROSE started out as a side project to the psychedelic heavy group, On Trial, who since the early 90's released intoxicating drug-induced rock music that turned its users into sheer liquid. One album on Germany's SPV label and several for the UK based Delerium/Molten Records saw the band tour vigorously in Europe, but one day Lorenzo got tired of sitting behind the drums, so he embarked on a solo project he decided to call BABY WOODROSE (named after the Hawaiian flower). Lorenzo, playing all the instruments himself, recorded 15 songs in less than a week and released the album on his own label. Four years later, BABY WOODROSE, now a trio, have released numerous 7" singles and 4 full lengths (one of which is a live album and one a full cover/tribute album) on the independent label, Bad Afro Records.

In 2004, BABY WOODROSE was nominated for a Danish Music Award (didn’t win it!) but they went on to win Danish National Radio’s most-sought-after Award, The P3 Gold Award. They toured Europe on numerous occasions, among these a much talked about appearance on Roskilde Festival’s main stage, a “not so good” drug bust in Norway and various collaborations with some of Scandinavia’s most recognized rock bands. Now in 2008, the trio has released their most ambitious effort yet, the album 'Chasing Rainbows', once again on the mighty Bad Afro Records.

- "It's obvious that we've got a lot more technical experience now. 'Chasing Rainbows' is the sound of a band with much more musical guts, clearly inspired by the Dragontears project we did last year. The sound is very fresh and different compared to other things we've done, pretty poppy and commercial, but it's also the most experimental and druggy thing we've done at the same time. There is life and soul in this shit - my life, my soul, my shit!", says Lorenzo Woodrose.

Least we can say at the Longfellow Deeds HQ is that we were quite delighted and honored to be proposed by Bad Afro to release a ltd ed 7" featuring one song from 'Chasing Rainbows' backed with an unreleased track !! Here's Lorenzo comments on 'Good Day to Die' which is the b-side of the Longfellow Deeds 7" release:

"I'm currently sitting on the couch in the cozy womb of Black Tornado Studio with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and a laptop. I'm listening to the final mastering of six outtakes from the 'Chasing Rainbows' sessions that we've mixed recently and they're sounding fucking great! A few of them have HIT written all over them, others are just kickass punkrock songs not unlike stuff we've done before, but just as good or better. We've planned releasing all of these tracks as B-sides and split singles on various labels from around the world during the next months after 'Chasing Rainbows' is out. Right now I'm as excited about these tracks as I am about the album itself, so I'm sorry if I'm being an arrogant hardass about it, but that's just how I feel.

'A Good Day to Die' is a fast punk song with worldweary lyrics. Again there's a pumping Stooges type piano and a classic sounding guitar riff. Fuzz Daddy loves his hihat closed in the verses. This is one tough motherfucker of a Bside, it just doesn't get much more punk than this: "I've had the same reoccuring dream like a thousand times, a dark shadow with a fortyfour takes me down from behind and today is a good day to die..."


A lot of BLACK RAINBOWS songs are like movies. Tight, evocative movies that expand in the mind far beyond the few minutes they take to play. Formed 2 years ago in Rome by ex Void Generator and Khang members, the power trio is equally inspired by the italian and american psychedelic tradition and delivers an album as powerfull as Kyuss and Lowrider ones. A subtle cocktail of blues, psychedelic and high-energy rock n roll. First album 'Twilight in The Desert' has been released in France last September, great reviews and feedback, really cool to hear that their hypnotic and spacey psychedelic groove . It will be released in Italy as well on may 19.

The band has been giving a lotsa gigs these last few months (opening for Dead Meadow in Rome ...) and will give some more in the coming weeks. Some festivals are confirmed as well.

Next gigs in Italy:
May 17 @ Stoned Hand of Doom Festival + Witchcraft + El-Thule
May 24 @ Mente Locale, Palestrina
July 11 @ Stoned from the Underground Festival + Witchcraft + El-Thule
July 19 @ Staffolo (AN) + Bibes from Hill + Paul Cat and The Translate + Alien Sun + Vortice Cremisi + Lleroy + Colossal Monument
More festivals to be confirmed soon.


MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN releasing first full length album
First impulsion was given by Matt M. (former Low Vibes & Caldera singer) who wanted to get back to his roots & form a heavy rock band, again. His friend Jay (a Berklee graduate drummer who's also playing with Jeff Brodnax, former 24-7 Spyz member), felt the same way so ... Good fortune made them cross ways with Rod (guitar) and Thom (bass). Things went fast. 'New Girl in Town' was written during the first meeting of the band & received great feedbacks on the internet with a recording made during their second rehearsal. The first stone was cast, a wall of sound ready to be built.

Eight months later, their debut album 'Crossing the Seas ... Spreading the Sins' includes 9 originals and the heavy rock classic 'Call of the Wild' from the New York city rockers Circus of Power. With this LP the band shows its respect to its roots (Circus of Power, Aeromsith, Hanoi Rocks ... ) and its ability to write catchy & "in your face" tunes. Speaking of Circus Of Power, MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN will appear on a C.O.P. tribute album to be released in July 2008.

Next gigs:
June 11 @ O'Sullivans By The Mill + THUNDER EXPRESS, Paris - France
June 26 @ L'Eclipse + Die On Monday
More to be announced shortly



RITE new album recorded, mixed and mastered
Finnish quintet is back on tracks with 3rd album tentatively titled 'Death I Hear You Calling, but I Can't Come Home Right Now'. Expected release date is October 6th, 2008.


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