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Benefiting the skills and routine of musicians that have been well rooted in

the music scene for over a decade, THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN saw it fit

to take their imposant mix of traditional doom metal, heavy rock and Celtic Frost to a whole new dimension.


Their first album 'Primula Pestis' is a monument of  pure HEAVYNESS that will blow your ears to shreds.


Building up a solid live reputation throughout europe and beyond, doing various tours & playing numberous festivals among the leaders of the genre, THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN proves to be a well-oiled machine ready to take over & prove you that being extreme doesn't always have to involve extreme velocity.


Their second full-length is scheduled to be released by Listenable Records later this year, and has been given the promising title of 'SerpentCult', besides all this THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN will also feature in the upcoming  Herman Brusselmans movie "Ex Drummer" in which the bandmembers all have an actual small part as members of THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. Also a song from the band will be used for the soundtrack. This movie is expected in the theatres in Belgium and The Netherlands in December 2006.


Check out THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN online: http://www.tpog.be/